• Préparations pour un buffet
    The catering service provided by Maxime Bonnat and his staff will offer you a wide range of meals. From traditional food to exotic cooking, it will surprise and delight the palate of your guests.

Tailor-made service

Maxime Bonnat turns your event into a great success. In order to do so, he takes great care of everything. From booking the place to decorating it, he gives close attention to details to ensure that your guests will be ravished the very second they arrive at the location. Besides, he guarantees that only the most delicious meals are served during your event. For this particular reason, he offers you a wide range of foods that goes from the traditional ones to the foreign specialities. His leitmotiv is to hold a reception at your image.


Interview with Maxime Bonnat:

Why have you made the choice to dedicate your life to the profession of caterer?
« Well, it is actually really simple. I had the great pleasure to meet Jacques Raynier et Jean Marchetti when I was 25 at the time. That happened by chance only. Before meeting them, I had already worked for 10 years in the catering trade. And at that moment, they were the greatest caterers in Europe! They were attracted by my profile and more precisely by my professional career. This one was indeed rather good for someone my age. And then, they just hired me like that, instantly. I have learned then this wonderful job of caterer thanks to a great number of fantastic people. They were the most effective in France at that time by the way! I also met a lot of famous persons such as Gaston Lenôtre thanks to the many events I was able to contribute to. That period of my life lasted three years. After that, I decided to spread my wings. »

May you share with us the story of one of the most peculiar events you were hired to plan?
« One of the most peculiar events and maybe one of the funniest I was hired to plan was a dinner in the Eiffel Tower. The kitchens were that ridiculous that at one stage we were partly cooking in the corridors of the Tower. That was a memorable night (laugh)! »

What is your favourite meal?
« Without a doubt, I’ll say the lobster. This is why I frequently serve this meal during the events I plan by the way. »