Private events

Maxime Bonnat is there for you at key moments of your life. A birthday? A wedding? An evening among friends? Maxime Bonnat will make your event a success.

Thus, he is giving to himself the crucial task to satisfy the palate of your guests at each of your receptions. From traditional food to exotic cooking, Maxime Bonnat and his chef de cuisine will propose you the dishes that you are most likely to enjoy. Besides, they may conceive a farandole of buffets just for you.

Imagine being able to enjoy both the wonderful culinary specialities of Scandinavia and the ones of Guadeloupe during the same evening for instance. Imagine now being able to share this experience with all of your guests…

With the help of a highly professional staff, Maxime Bonnat offers you high class services based on your very needs and expectations from 35 euros only.