Our Ethos and Philosophy

Maxime Bonnat and his staff will take the necessary steps to comply with your very needs and expectations. Hence, they will act in accordance with two key notions that are respectively the closeness and the friendliness.

Besides, Maxime Bonnat has built a company with a human face in order to offer you only the best. For that, he is doing everything he can to make this one be a perfect springboard for his team professionally and personally.

Plus, he takes great care that only the most delicious products are being selected. This is why, his staff is asked to favour exclusively the local and environmentally responsible production when buying the food on the market stalls of Rungis (France). In this way, the famous chefs that are working with Maxime Bonnat at present are only cooking with fresh products.

Maxime Bonnat gives also priority to his close collaboration with craftsmen to avoid relying on industrial factories. By doing so, he is to provide you solely with quality products.

Thus, Maxime Bonnat stresses a human-centred approach in order to guarantee you high-level services.

Besides, Maxime Bonnat ensures the quality of the many diverse services he may offer you thanks to his rigorous work standards and his high level precision.

Moreover, for years now he has taken the decision to adopt a policy of « zero piece of paper » in order to preserve the environment at his own scale.

Eventually, Maxime Bonnat will always know how to surprise you with new projects and peculiar ideas.