Introduction of Maxime Bonnat

vincenthoel-maxime-93062308     In 1980, Maxime Bonnat decided to turn his passion for cooking into his work. Thus, from this date, he has become a caterer.

Yet in 2001 he wanted to reinforce his dedication for his profession. More precisely, he desired to make others benefit from his 35 years of professional experience gained in working for great catering groups. He was and is still wishing to make your event a truthful success. This is why, he has created his own event catering company.

Today, Maxime Bonnat works closely with many of the greatest Parisian hotel chains. Thus, he is to organize there, among other activities, brunches and conferences.

Last but not least, Maxime Bonnat owns many breweries. Each may be defined by a special atmosphere. But they all have the same purpose – satisfying who may cross their doors.